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4-th Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN)

23-30 July 2011 Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

An international young leaders' summit of the SOFIMUN Foundation

         Search Of Future Ideas, Models Us Now

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Sofia International Model United Nations 2011 event is going to be held between 23-30 July 2011 in Sofia city - the capital of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The actual costs for organizing the SOFIMUN 2011 event are much higher than the SOFIMUN 2011 participation fees charged. Thanks to the generous sponsors of the SOFIMUN Foundation the SOFIMUN 2011 Org-com receives financial support in order to keep SOFIMUN 2011 participation fees as low as possible.



The participation fee for 2011 is 180 EUROS per participant. Deadline for bank transfer is 2 weeks after you receive a confirmation e-mail for acceptance.


The fee includes:

- Registration and participation in the SOFIMUN event (23-30 July 2011)

- 7 days accommodation while staying in Sofia (23-30 July 2011) (3-star hotel "Hemus"), breakfast included

- Gala dinner (Opening)

- Gala dinner (Closing)

- Lunch throughout the committee sessions (25,26,27,28,29 July 2011)

- Coffee breaks (25,26,27,28,29 July 2011)

- All materials during the conference - welcome packages, delegation handbook, ID cards, placards, all additional printed materials, etc.

- Positive surprises for delegates - yet to come


The fee does not include:

- Your travel costs to and from Sofia city

- Your travel costs in Sofia city (if not marked otherwise)

- Your visa expenses

- Insurance expenses or additional insurance needs that may occur (you are insured in the hotel)

- Medical or other disability care

- Your additional stay in Sofia or Bulgaria - before or after SOFIMUN 2011

- Your personal expenses

- Clubbing costs (if not marked otherwise)



- Please, do not to pay the fee unless you have been accepted for participation in SOFIMUN 2011 by receiving a letter from us noticing that you are accepted and invited to pay you fee.

- Please note, that all bank transaction fees that might arise while transferring the participation fee have to be covered by you (approximate value is about 15 euros). If those fees are not covered by you, your participation fee will not be in full amount and you will have to cover the rest.

- Please note that the participation fee will have to be paid by the deadline (2 weeks after you receive a confirmation e-mail for acceptance) and make sure to include all transaction fees that might arise! In case the SOFIMUN Foundation receives incomplete payment, the Foundation will ask the participant to pay the rest of the amount during the event.

- Please, note that in order your registration to be valid, you have to send us via e-mail a scanned copy of the deposit receipt which includes your full name.

- Please, note that you will not be registered as a participant until we have received your fee.

- Please, note that the participation fee is NOT refundable even if you are not able to participate in SOFIMUN 2011. 

- As payments via credit cards or cash are not possible participants are requested to transfer the fees to the bank account, listed below.




The SOFIMUN Conference is responsible to confirm to you the successful transfer of your fee by sending you an e-mail. In any other case, when you informed us for payment being made on your side, but for some reason it is delayed, SOFIMUN EX-com will kindly ask you to track the transfer and successfully complete it in order you to be able to participate.



Please transfer your participation fee to the following bank account:


Bank account of SOFIMUN Foundation - EURO currency



ADDRESS: EU, Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, 6, Batenberg Str.


IBAN: BG31 STSA 9300 0016 9141 01

PURPOSE OF PAYMENT: "Your name and surname" - (NB: Please include your name and surname since it enables us to keep track of who made the payment)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: "SOFIMUN 2011 participation fee"



Bank account of SOFIMUN Foundation - Bulgarian LEV (BGN) currency



ADDRESS: EU, Bulgaria, Sofia 1000, 6, Batenberg Str.


IBAN: BG65 STSA 9300 0016 9140 71

PURPOSE OF PAYMENT: "Your name and surname" - (NB: Please include your name and surname since it enables us to keep track of who made the payment)

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: "SOFIMUN 2011 participation fee"



The SOFIMUN International Foundation uses DSK BANK for its operations due to the professionalism and good services provided to the Foundation.

DSK Bank performs currency transactions via SWIFT and Moneygram.

The Bank has correspondent relations with 856 banks in 89 countries.

You can find more about international payments and corresponding banks of DSK BANK here.


For your ease:
Download the bank account info to your computer and print it out in order to have it with you if you will manually make the bank transfer in a bank.


If you have any questions on the bank transfer of your fee please contact us by phone at: +359 887 266 197



- Make sure you have filled in correctly the SOFIMUN bank account data when making your payment - such as IBAN number, etc.

- Make sure to write down your name and surname in the purpose of payment section- this will inform us that exactly you did the payment.

- Keep a good track of your money transfer - it sometimes gets delayed by specific bank services. Ask for a confirmation from your bank for the payment when it has reached the SOFIMUN bank account.

- Make a research about through which bank/s the transfer tax will be less in order to transfer the participation fee to SOFIMUN.

- Use international banks or mainly old banks.

- Note that transfer made through more than two banks (one sending and one receiving) costs a transfer tax for each of the mediator banks.

- Gathering of several participation fees and their transfer through only one bank account can save you several bank transfer taxes. If you do that, DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE IN PURPOSE OF PAYMENT and "ADDITIONAL INFORMATION" SECTIONS ALL THE NAMES AND SURNAMES OF PARTICIPANTS YOURE PAYING FOR. If not, we wont consider them as participants.




You can transfer your participation fee via Moneygram, Western Union, Moneybookers or Paypal. If you use these systems you will have to also pay the occurring taxes:



Additional occurring transfer taxes:

(different per state)


Additional occurring transfer taxes:

(different per state)


Additional occurring transfer taxes:

+2 EURO withdrawal fee = TOTAL=182 EURO


Additional occurring transfer taxes:

+4,5% of the amount you are submitting (at 180 EURO x 4,5%= 8.10 EURO ) + 2.50 EURO withdrawal fee = TOTAL=190,60 EURO


Please call Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev at +359 889 69 17 39 to arrange the payment procedure.

You can also contact Mr. Mandradjiev at



If you are a BULGARIAN citizen, wishing to participate at SOFIMUN 2011 please contact us at in order to facilitate on the matter of your participation.


IMPORTANT: Your presence during the conference is obligatory, including Opening and Closing Ceremonies.




Here you can find all the rules, governing the 4-th Sofia International Model United Nations event in Sofia, Bulgaria in the period 23-30 July 2011.


more info...




Here you can find fill the application form for SOFIMUN, by uploading a CV, recent personal photo and motivation letter.


register here...




- Programme schedule of SOFIMUN 2011

- Programme schedule of committees


more info...


Transport & VISA


- International transport to Sofia by land, air and water... sorry no teleport yet.

- Local transport in Sofia city.

- Documents to take with you.

- VISA requirements.


more info...


- Participation fee and bank account number.

- What do you get for the fee?

- What is covered by our sponsors?

- Where are you going to sleep and eat?


more info...




Here you can find information for the venues that are going to be used for the Sofia International Model United Nations event.




Organs (shortcut link)


In case you have skipped to see the organs that are going to be simulated at the Sofia International Model United Nations event, in Sofia, Bulgaria, you can do this by following the link bellow.


more info...


Theme night


- The traditional theme night for SOFIMUN participants

- What is the theme for this year?

- What you have to do?

- Are you prepared enough well for this event?


more info...

  Medical Services  

The SOFIMUN Foundation has a contract for EMERGENCY medical services for the SOFIMUN annual young leaders summit as a sponsorship package from LORA Medical Centre.


more info...


VIP Data


- When do you arrive?

- How do you arrive?

- At what time do you departure?

...and many other questions which answers we need in order to make your participation perfect.


more info...


What is FES?


Learn more about the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and its branch office in Bulgaria! Learn what Friedrich Ebert stand for and promotes around the globe!


more info...


The SOFIMUN Foundation arranges special additional events for the post-SOFIMUN period and in this way gives the SOFIMUN alumni the ability to participate at different events such as excursions and short holidays in Bulgaria.


more info...

  Guest Speakers  

During the SOFIMUN annual young leaders summit the conference hosts different guest speakers on topics under discussion. Check the guest speakers for this edition of SOFIMUN.


more info...


SOFIA Maps (shortcut link)


Maps of SOFIMUN events and Sofia city

- Map of Sofia city.

- Map of committees' venues.

- Map of hotels.

- Map of "Must see in Sofia".

- Map of SOFIMUN parties.

- Map of main transportation.

- Map of embassies of foreign states.

- Map of main institutions.

- Map of museums and galleries.

- Map of emergency help centres.


see the maps...


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