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4-th Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN)

23-30 July 2011 Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

An international young leaders' summit of the SOFIMUN Foundation

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  Medical Services (To be confirmed)  

The SOFIMUN Foundation has a contract for EMERGENCY medical services for the SOFIMUN annual young leaders summit as a sponsorship package from LORA Medical Centre.


LORA Medical Centre has a great number of specialized consultancies, where medical specialists from the following fields of medicine work: internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, neurology, ophthalmology, dermatology, aesthetic dermatology, endocrinology, surgery, orthopedics and traumatology, angiology, gastroenterology, urology, immunology, homeopathy, radiology, anesthesiology, psychology, physical and rehabilitation medicine.


The Medical center has been working with the National Health Insurance Fund, which ensures the access of all health insured patients. It works also with a large number of the voluntary health insurance funds, registered in Bulgaria: OZOF EVROPA, OZOF Doverie, ZOD BULSTRAD ZDRAVE AD, Bulgarian Health Insurance Fund, ZOK NADEJDA, Health Insurance in Bulgaria, United Health Insurance, IC Olympic BRANCH BULGARIA, OZOF DALL BOGG ZHIVOT I ZDRAVE AD, ZOD VSEOTDAJNOST AD.


Any of the consultative, diagnostic and therapeutic activities of the compound can be used by individuals who pay for the medical services they receive in accordance with the established price lists of the Medical Centre. The consultancies and laboratories have been equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices that allow minute disease diagnostics.


All the consultancies, departments and diagnostic sectors have been connected within a local computerized network. Our very own medical information system gives us an opportunity to keep an exact database both of our patients and all activities that have been carried out. This considerably reduces the time necessary for filling in all sorts of papers, meanwhile dedicating it to direct work with the patients.


The Loramed Occupational medicine offers individual prevention packages depending on the sex, age, hereditary characteristics, specific risk factors, individual preferences and opportunities for each person. Prevention packages save time and means (in drafting a prevention package, the prices of examinations and tests are considerably lower than if carried out separately). They enable you with an opportunity despite the stress and the hectic everyday life to take care of your health.


If for some reason there is a need for qualified medical assistance during the global young leaders conference - SOFIMUN 2011, please contact a member of the ORG-COM and/or EX-COM for he/she will immediately contact Medical Centre LORA.


You can find more about Medical Centre LORA at:




Here you can find all the rules, governing the 4-th Sofia International Model United Nations event in Sofia, Bulgaria in the period 23-30 July 2011.


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Here you can find fill the application form for SOFIMUN, by uploading a CV, recent personal photo and motivation letter.


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- Programme schedule of SOFIMUN 2010

- Programme schedule of committees


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Transport & VISA


- International transport to Sofia by land, air and water... sorry no teleport yet.

- Local transport in Sofia city.

- Documents to take with you.

- VISA requirements.


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- Participation fee and bank account number.

- What do you get for the fee?

- What is covered by our sponsors?

- Where are you going to sleep and eat?


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- Participation fee and bank account number.

- What do you get for the fee?

- What is covered by our sponsors?

- Where are you going to sleep and eat?


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Here you can find information for the venues that are going to be used for the Sofia International Model United Nations event.




Organs (shortcut link)


In case you have skipped to see the organs that are going to be simulated at the Sofia International Model United Nations event, in Sofia, Bulgaria, you can do this by following the link bellow.


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Theme night


- The traditional theme night for SOFIMUN participants

- What is the theme for this year?

- What you have to do?

- Are you prepared enough well for this event?


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VIP Data


- When do you arrive?

- How do you arrive?

- At what time do you departure?

...and many other questions which answers we need in order to make your participation perfect.


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What is FES?


Learn more about the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and its branch office in Bulgaria! Learn what Friedrich Ebert stand for and promotes around the globe!


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The SOFIMUN Foundation arranges special additional events for the post-SOFIMUN period and in this way gives the SOFIMUN alumni the ability to participate at different events such as excursions and short holidays in Bulgaria.


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  Guest Speakers  

During the SOFIMUN annual young leaders summit the conference hosts different guest speakers on topics under discussion. Check the guest speakers for this edition of SOFIMUN.


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SOFIA Maps (shortcut link)


Maps of SOFIMUN events and Sofia city

- Map of Sofia city.

- Map of committees' venues.

- Map of hotels.

- Map of "Must see in Sofia".

- Map of SOFIMUN parties.

- Map of main transportation.

- Map of embassies of foreign states.

- Map of main institutions.

- Map of museums and galleries.

- Map of emergency help centres.


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